Software Engineer (Immediate)

Job Description Number: SWE-0514-03 ACTIVE

Company Overview:

APPEREON is seeking a Software Developer to provide web service development and programming support. Please email your resume to for immediate consideration.


  • Integrate the proof-of-concept with FAA and other required systems.
  • Develop an architecture approach to support integration with enterprise services (e.g., identity management).
  • Develop business rules that include migrating current relevant business rules from existing legacy systems and develop new business rules identified in the functional requirements. The Contractor must provide a method for the business owners to easily maintain business rules.
  • Develop and execute a migration strategy that includes analysis and clean-up of any legacy system data.
  • Produce a functional Points and Holding Procedures Proof-of-Concept Software build.
  • Migrate all required data to the Points and Holding Procedures database. Generate a report of data issues or discrepancies and actions taken to clean up data.
  • Provide a user interface that provides data entry screens for Significant Point Data elements, Holding Procedures Data Elements and Fix and Holding Data Record Revisioning/Publication Approval Data Elements described in the Data Dictionary and included in the Logical Data Models.


  • 08-10 years w/ High School Diploma
  • 02-06 years w/ Bachelors Degree