About Us

baltimore1Headquartered in Baltimore, MD and founded on an unwavering commitment to excellence, APPEREON Business Solutions, Inc. (APPEREON) is a premier IT and consulting company that delivers Administrative and Consulting Services, Software Development support, Court Reporting and IT Support Services.

Our desire is to achieve 100% Customer satisfaction. This attitude influences everything we do, from training our employees on the latest technologies and fostering a culture of open communication, to exploring cutting edge research and new business practices.

We understand the value of ensuring the success of our clients and employees, that is why we are committed to finding ways to continually improve so that we can provide better business solutions and services that give our customers a pioneering approach to the full range of support necessary to initiate, plan, execute, control, and closeout a project.


Our mission is to aggressively become and remain the company of choice for our customers by combining precise IT and Consulting service offerings, with a timely delivery experience, at a competitive price, that is enhanced by our unwavering commitment to acheive 100% customer satisfaction. We believe by providing professional and knowledgeable staff we will problem-solve and bring into plain view solutions that help our customers achieve their mission objectives.